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Chris Stapleton Reviews


Average customer review: 4.0 star rating (4.1 Stars)

Number of reviews: 35



5.0 star rating Teresa from Charlotte, North Carolina


Chris Stapleton's show in Charlotte was the most incredible show I've ever attended. The fact that three instruments and two very talented vocalist can keep the sold out crowd on their feet for the entire show is a testament to their talent. I can't think back to the performance of Fire Away without getting chills. The crowd was so connected to the performance it created a magical moment. Don't miss the opportunity to experience this true raw God given talent.

5.0 star rating Foye Rockett from Charlotte, North Carolina


Pure raw unadulterated talent....: one of the best shows I've ever attended ..... watch out world this guys the real deal..... he gonna be around for quite sometime ......

5.0 star rating from Los Angeles, California


Chris Stapleton live, by far the best concert.

5.0 star rating Sally from Ottawa, Ontario


From the moment this concert started I couldn't believe how full the sound was for three instruments and two phenomenal singers. It wasn't like alot of other shows that try to impress you with bells and whistles. This was raw and powerful. Can't wait until the next album. I am a fan for life now.

5.0 star rating Teresa from prince rupert bc


One of thee best shows i have ever seen in my life and i would see him again.And my seats were the best.

5.0 star rating from Baltimore, Maryland


Wow!!! Pure Talent... Loved every minute, He has THE GIFT!! Cant wait to see him again!! Thank you

5.0 star rating Mark Niles from Chicago, Illinois


Chris was 5 stars. Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre was 0 stars. Chris is a talent for the ages. His future success is set.

5.0 star rating Bernie Edwards from Chicago, Illinois


great concert, the vocals, the long riffs, the solos, Marty Stuart, Brett Cowles, it was phenomenal!! will definitely see again at another venue- place was jam packed he said it was his biggest crowd yet, i loved every bit of it and i still cant get Fire Away out of my head still singing it

5.0 star rating Chris Sanford from Anaheim, California


The first opener, young guy was great, his sound was a little empty hallway but he was still fun and energetic, great guitarist's. i liked his songs. The VERY pleasant surprise was Marty Stuart. He is so good and so much fun. LOVED Marty and his band. I would pay to see them again. Chris Stapelton brought down the house. He sounded good, he talked and joked with the audience he made the crowd have fun. I had such a good time seeing this whole concert. Recommend to all. I am going to keep my eyes open for Stapelton somewhere like Red Rock!!!!

5.0 star rating Leslie from Chico,california


Saw show at Shoreline in Mountain View. Christ Stapleton phenomenal. True musician, awesome band. also have to give shout out to Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives rocked the house. Do not miss this show. When they played together for two songs the house was on fire. Marty is a legend and it is obvious he and Chris truly love what they do. What a night! Seats were great. Parking ok. Get their early and be patient when getting out. we got lucky and were out of there in about 15 minutes.

5.0 star rating Wanda M. from Charleston SC


Drove into Jacksonville for this show, and was not disappointed. Chris Stapleton's skills are unbelievable on the guitar and vocals were too. He clearly deserves all the awards and attention. The VIP package was terrific, and the arena was done up nice for Veterans Day! Parking situation was really great in the Z lot.

5.0 star rating Gump from Grand Rapids, Michigan


This guy is amazing, if you get the chance go see him, a true musical artist in every sense, singing, songwriter, and his guitar will blow you away

5.0 star rating SLH from Detroit, Michigan


Sobbed when Tennessee Whiskey came on (our future wedding song), pretty sure I lost my voice during the encore song (no spoilers), still in amazement that I saw the Grammy award-winning artist Chris Stapleton play live. Nothing like it! Best concert/night of my life! If you want to rock out to some amazing music, go to a Stapleton concert. Thank you you to the entire band; all phenomenal musicians! Thank you DTE for another awesome experience!

5.0 star rating Kevin hill from Sault ste. Marie


Our 2nd time seeing chris live. Show was different this time their was an actual set with lights this time, 2 added musicians, sadly Morganne was not there. The show was bloody outstanding. Chris Stapleton is the real deal folks, get out to one of his shows, you wont be disappointed i promise you that !! The venue.... Budweiser stage in toronto on, well, they can kiss my ass. I dont plan on ever returning nuff said on that place. Shout out to Marcus King for acknowledging Hometown heroes Rush upon his entrance. Very kool young man, very kool. Marcus King was and is an amazing young talent and should have an amazing future ahead

5.0 star rating Wendy H from Tampa, Florida


Had a great time in the best venue! First of all, Sheryl Crow brought it! She’s still amazing. Chris Stapleton is amazing! My second time seeing him and I’d have to say this was definitely my favorite! Sweet and rugged all at the same time. A great way to celebrate our 42nd anniversary!

5.0 star rating Mike Kieffer from Syracuse, New York


All I can say about Chris Stapleton is wow just wow great show

5.0 star rating B. Lindsay from Calgary, Alberta


Amazing musicianship. A stellar concert and I would love to give more than 5 stars. Everything was so good and opening act Elle King was also superb.

5.0 star rating Travis Mackenzie from Langley, BC


An amazing show. One of the best I’ve seen. Just a dude serenading to his wife. 2 full hours, played all the songs, sound was great. I’d see him again. A must see if you appreciate music

5.0 star rating Frances hall from Vancouver, British Columbia


Chris Stapleton is so talented. His vocals,with the songs he has written chill ya to the bone. It was non stop energy. He gives off a very humble vibe.. But damn this guy can entertain. Look forward to seeing him again. Other note I had the back roll farthest from the stage. Due to needing wheelchair access. But didn’t take away from his great show

5.0 star rating Christy Domman from Cheyenne, Wyoming


Loved loved the concert and Stapleton’s voice is incredible. I’ve never heard anyone sing the introductions to the other band members, ha! He talked enough to connect with the audience, but mostly just belted out song after song. I appreciated the section where he sang several songs solo. His backdrops weren’t flashy; just enough. After 3 cancellations he was so worth the wait. I was sorry though that Sheryl Crow was unable to attend. We enjoyed The Dirty knobs opening act.

5.0 star rating Tim from Denver, Colorado


Outstanding!!! Chris Stapleton is so talented and his voice so amazing! Don’t miss seeing him when he’s in your area!

5.0 star rating Pam McMonigle from Atlanta, Georgia


This concert blew me away! One of the best shows I have ever seen! I have been to many, many concerts in my life. This is a “must see” concert! Just pure raw amazing talent. Right up there with Tom Petty and Bob Seger.

5.0 star rating Nicole M. from Toronto, Ontario


I had the privilege of attending Chris Stapleton's concert last night, and I am still buzzing with excitement from the incredible experience. From the moment he stepped onto the stage, it was evident that we were in for something truly special. Chris's voice, raw and powerful, resonated through the venue, captivating the entire audience. It's no exaggeration to say that his vocal prowess exceeded even the highest expectations. The visual spectacle was equally mesmerizing. The combination of expertly coordinated lights and stage design created a captivating atmosphere that perfectly complemented the music. It was as if the stage came alive with each note, enhancing the emotional impact of every song. Accompanied by his phenomenal band, Chris delivered a performance that showcased not only his talent but also the seamless chemistry between the musicians. The band's energy and skill added an extra layer of excitement to the night, contributing to the overall unforgettable experience. One aspect that truly stood out was the impeccable sound quality. The clarity and perfection of the sound system enhanced the entire performance, allowing every note and lyric to reach the audience with pristine precision. It's a testament to the attention to detail that was put into making sure every concertgoer had the best possible auditory experience. Chris Stapleton's voice is a force of nature, and witnessing it live is an absolute must for music enthusiasts. The concert was a testament to his exceptional artistry and the dedication he puts into his craft. It's without a doubt that I'd give this concert a resounding five stars. If you ever have the chance to see Chris Stapleton live, don't miss out – it's an experience that will stay with you long after the final encore." Feel free to adjust and personalize this review to your liking!

4.0 star rating Kelly Jackson from San Bernardino, California


I have looked forward to seeing Chris Stapleton for many years. I received lawn tickets which looked liked reserved seats with row number and seat number. When I arrived, the parking was a virtual nightmare and my Mom (75) and myself had to walk a mile to the venue through piles of trash as they had no receptacles for the thousands of tailgaters in the parking lot. We got up to the lawn and there was no where to sit. The show was oversold by a long shot, again, trash everywhere. Finally, we got a seat and were ran into, run over, had beer poured on us, with no visible control of the crowd, we almost left!! It was a hugely disorganized mess. The music was great, but between fights breaking out and folks getting arrested around us, it was an extremely uncomfortable experience. I am disappointed to say the least, drove from Nevada for this show and quite frankly would never go there again.

4.0 star rating KJ Jacobsen from San Diego, California


Well I was very excited to see this concert.I love Chris Stapleton. I paid 220.00$$$$ For our seats. What I found very annoying was there were just a lot of people talking during his show,people you are there for his entertainment. ITS NOT A SOCIAL EVENT DURING THE SHOW,BE RESPECTFUL to the folks that want to see him sing. Also, did anyone pick this,but during his transition to other songs, sometimes the stage was black and it took 2-3 minutes before they started another song??? All in all a great concert, just sucks getting in and out of that venue. Thank you for listening.

3.0 star rating Samantha Wright from Detroit, Michigan


Okay, Chris Stapleton has an amazing voice and maybe that's all he needs but when paying $220 a tickets I want a show. This was more like a high school musical. A bunch of lights flashing on and off behind him.... UGH! The transition between songs due to guitar changes was exhausting ... Song ... wait wait wait ... song, wait wait wait ... song. No complaints about his singing but not worth the $$$$$, listen to his CD's.

3.0 star rating Kevin from Winnipeg from Winnipeg, Manitoba


Concert was in Winnipeg. Stapletons voice was awesome , one of the best voices in music today along with fantastic songs. Sound was excellent. Not sure how he wins entertainer of the year though. The whole band is a holla hoop band. I could of threw HH’s around each one of them at the beginning of the show and not one band member including Stapleton would of stepped out of their holla hoop. Not very entertaining. Canada Life Centre in Winnipeg was a joke as usual. Every-time I go , I say and see the same things. ( I guess I’m the dummy for paying and going to the events ) All the same tricks from the the owners ( TRUE NORTH ) since they bought the Jets back to Winnipeg . You want a billionaire owner who’s number 1 goal is the fan’s experience to be great , then have a consistent year after year winnipeg team or at least competitive , and then make money last. Not the reverse. This is why after five years I gave up my Jets season tickets. No place to park , lines , lines and waiting in more lines. Everything is way over priced. Bad service. You don’t mind paying if the service is well done and quick. We missed the opening act due to lines. It took 30 mins to get a drink. Yes 30 mins for a $26 double whiskey. The whiskey review was good! Straight on ice. I wanted to get my moneys worth. Mens bathroom lines were ridiculous and the ladies way worse. I feel sorry for the ladies. I also like the none matching taps in the bathroom. Great touch. STAY CLASSY WINNIPEG. CMON TRUE NORTH. You know better. Cramped in the tiny hallways. Cramped in the tiny seats. Go anywhere else and if your 6 feet or over you still have a good time. Not in Winnipeg , TRUE NORTH grinded that out. PACK EM IN AND MAKE SURE THEY BRING THIER WALLET !! That should have been the mission statement. This will be the last concert my wife and I attend at the Winnipeg Canada Life Centre. More people should make this decision , it has to start somewhere. If billionaire family’s and millionaire artists are gonna charge what they charge they need to be responsible enough to show the people who pay big prices a good time with a good experience. This is not happening. As usual, the super star ⭐️ of all these concerts and sporting events were the FANS. After all the overpriced , lack of service , frustrating things that go along with an event in Winnipeg the FANS still come through and put on a show with their exuberance and good will. Well done WINNIPEG fans. You deserve more !!

3.0 star rating Laura from sun valley Nev from Nevada


CS was amazing the venue not so much ,first timer in wheatland I prefer outdoor concerts for the freedom so I bought in the grass tickets ,big mistake I swear that over sold by 10k I’d never seen so many people for the supposed 18k allowed … not very handicap friendly lots of walking and 3 flights of stairs …

2.0 star rating GG from Birmingham, Alabama


One word: boring. No doubt, the man is a talented musician, but the show was poorly paced. He never really drew the crowd in until an hour into his performance. By then, people were leaving the venue. Bring the magic up front Chris! Captivate us. Perform and entertain us! I was really disappointed.

2.0 star rating Jim from Hershey, Pennsylvania


Although Chris Stapleton was awesome, venue was a disaster. No traffic control causing us and many others to be an hour or more late. Too few bathrooms for 30,000 people, not enough vendors for food or beverages, stadium seats or like sitting on a stone for 4 hours

2.0 star rating from Stagecoach, Indio, CA


CS sounds great, just like his albums but better. Thats where the entertaining ends. He hardly (if at all) engaged with the crowd, he stood stationary just like the rest of his band and performed his songs. Its like watching a scarecrow on stage and waiting for it to do something. He has a great guitar ability, and amazing voice but not an entertainer what's so ever. Very disappointing honestly. I'll just listen to his albums from now on.

1.0 star rating Prtlndr from Portland, Oregon


I completely concur with Patrick Daniel's review. The concert was great, and seeing Chris Stapleton and Marty Stuart performing a few numbers together on the same stage was a quasi-religious experience. But the Sunlight Supply Amphitheater is a s-- thole of a venue. We paid for the Premier Parking, fought rush hour traffic from Portland, then spent 45 minutes in the Preferred Parking line, while others cut around and then in front of us, before we could park. They don't allow you to bring food or water, so we along with thousands of others, had to endure horrendous lines for limited food choices. We missed the first 10 minutes of Marty Stuart as a result. The acoustics in our section of the seated area were fair, at best. When the concert was finished, we literally ran to our car to try to get out, and at least succeeded at that. This was my first and last concert ever at this venue.

1.0 star rating Patrick daniel from Seattle, Washington


Chris Stapelton needs to play in places that fans can relax and enjoy the best concert you can imagine. The venue is awful to get in and out of and it is unbelievable that fans get treated so poorly. No rest rooms or water until you get inside the complex. Once your in you get in more long slow lines for rest rooms and merchandise. $10 lemonade is sold to those waiting in the hot sun. I will say that once your in the view is good from all places and the view is nice. Best concert I have seen since he was in Seattle last year. I will never return to this poorly organized site to see a concert again.

1.0 star rating Woody from Houston tx


Saw him at the rodeo in houston. Talented musician but not an entertainer. If i want to just listen to music ill listen to it on the radio. When i go see a show i want to be entertained. Blah.

1.0 star rating Elizabeth kubik from Albany, New York


During intermission there was so much going on and it was way too unorganized. we were close to people to begin with and then this lady kept telling everyone to move closer to the grass and that if we were on the pavement we would have to move and there was no where to go and I was already shaky and I started to cry but I calmed myself down then it just got worse as it started and people kept moving closer down and squishing into us and I couldn’t see anything and the lady kept screaming at us and she screamed at me and kept flashing her light in our eyes and when she screamed st me I argued back and said that she wasn’t yelling at the other people that were literally doing the same thing and she said said if I kept talking she was gonna escort me out and they were saying if people didn’t move they would escort everyone out. They kept trying to get people to move closer to the grass but there was too many people and no where to go and I just kept getting squished into people. Terrible.


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